Cheryl Macomber's Instruments Are Unique

Patriotic Fiddle The rarest and best European maple and spruce is carefully selected for tone quality and beauty. Then each piece is carefully crafted and sculptured to the graduations and dimensions that will cause the violin to vibrate freely and encourage a full, balanced, and vibrant tone. Each violin is set up and tested for rich, beautiful and full tone, before the finishing process is started..  
  Please feel free to stop in and try these instruments for yourself. They are known throughout the region for their tone quality, which is remarkable in power, liquid smoothness, sweetness of depth and resonance. Comments from customers include:
  • "large and robust tone, yet very well balanced between the four strings,"
  • "rich full tone without any cracking of notes,"
  • "dimensions are such that I find the instrument easy to play,"
  • "well worth the investment."
  • "Wow! I love my instrument."
Stringed Instruments
Mandoline Set Prices are very reasonable, with handcrafted instruments start at $7000.  
  We also carry violins, carefully selected, for those who want something in cheaper price ranges. These violins are all set up in our shop to insure proper playing dimensions and optimal tone quality. Violin Glue Up
Violin Making Pattern You can be assured that we will help you find the instrument that is right for you in tone, dimension, and your pocketbook.  
  We are also a full service violin shop. That means that we rehair bows, repair and restore all violins, violas, and cellos. Whatever might be the problem with the instrument, we will be glad to fix it! We have restored instruments that have been totally smashed and in pieces. They tend to sound and play better after they have received TLC! Violin and Roses
Violin Tuner We look forward to hearing from you!  

The artwork is from Cheryl Macomber's award winning pastels. Click on each picture to enlarge.