The Albert C Muller Memorial Special (#AMM26)

Cheryl A. Macomber, violinmaker, is building this new violin to offer for sale. She is documenting each step of the process for the person who purchases it. Check here regularly to see the progress of her work!

These are a sampling of the process. Click on each small photo to see it enlarged and enter the diary!

3rd Week, November, 2007

violin sides violin log violin spruce wood slab
Sides in Mold Maple Back Glueup Spruce

4th Week, November

1st Week, December

back of violin being carved maple scroll log squared Violin Scroll cut out
Back Carving Spruce Glueup Scroll Shaping

2nd Week, December

violin scroll carving violin back carving violin back carving
Scroll Carved Scroll/Back Smoothed Back Carved

3rd Week, December

4th Week, December

Scroll smoothed Violin Top Wood Scroll Attached
Back Shaped Top Spruce Wood Scroll & Fingerboard

1st Week, January

2nd Week, January

3rd Week, January

Violin Top Cutout top shaved Scroll Pegs
Top Cut Out Top Shaved Pegs Made

4th Week, January

Top Gouged Sides Glued to Back Top fitting
Top Gouged Sides Glued to Back Top Fitting

Sound holes mapped Bass Bar Shaved waiting
Sound Holes Mapped Bass Bar Shaved Waiting...

5th Week, January

closed up purfling inlay
Closed Up Purfling Inlay

Scroll ready to glue front unfinished unfinished back
Neck Ready Front View Back View

1st Week, February

3rd Week, February

varnish coat varnished finished
First Varnish coat Several Varnish coats Grand Finish!