Charles Woods Signature Special

This violin was signed on the inside upper block by Charles Underwood.   This violin is approximately 100 years old and is in very good condition.   We have set it up and put it is proper playing condition.  The tone is a very beautiful—deep and full.   The back is of maple, along with the sides and scroll, and the top is of spruce.   This violin is a steal at the price we are offering.   Come on in and take a look, and try it out!

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Charles Woods violin body

Charles Wood violin scroll

Charles Underwood violin back

Upper Block Ribs Special

This violin is very unique.  It was probably made in the early 1800’s or late 1700’s, in a method of inserting the ribs into the upper block.   The flame on the back piece is painted.   This violin is full of character.   It has been set up in proper playing condition.  Come on in and try it out!

Upper Rib Violin Top

Upper Ribbed violin scroll

Upper Ribbed Violin body

upper ribbed violin back