Common Misconceptions Regarding the Bow

by Cheryl Macomber, Violinmaker

Cheryl Macomer and bow

I think that the repair shop just put my old hair back on my Bow.

In this shop, that can never happen. In our rehair system, we must cut the hair at the frog in order to get it out of the frog. Maybe, someone might be able to get the hair out without cutting the hair, but we do not want to risk damaging the frog, so we always cut the hair in order to rehair the bow. After the hair is cut, there is no way to use it again, because it is way too short! Also, during the rehairing process, if we see that the hair is not going to turn out right, we will start the rehair process all over, which means cutting out the brand new hair and starting with another batch of fresh hair.

So you never need to fear that your hair is not the best and the freshest!

Maybe the hair is poor quality?

We always use the highest quality and most expensive hair.

Why isn’t my hair perfectly white?

We use natural hair from horses, which has not been bleached or dyed.  The quality of the hair is greatly affected if it has been bleached or dyed. Natural hair has a very beautiful coloring of light golden blonde. All the strands are not the same color but vary slightly, because we do not want to dye them and in so doing lessen the quality, and the biting effect of the bow hair.

Loose Hairs during Storage!

I haven’t used my bow for months, and I pulled it out of the case and the hairs were hanging! Is it a bad rehair? Everytime I open my case, more hair is hanging from the bow!

That is the problem! Your bow is in the case, where tiny little insects love to hide in the dark! These bow bugs are found in any home, from a humble abode to a beautiful palace. The secret is that they love the darkness, so if you keep your case open or keep your bow in a well lit area, they will scurry off into the dark. Make sure to vacuum your case and then leave it in the sunlight for a couple of hours (Remove the violin.). Then if you must store your bow in the case, use moth balls in a cloth bag. They munch on the hairs for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and also love the glue in the case.