Problem: “Buzz in Instrument”

If you are experiencing a “buzz” in your instrument, it could be a great number of things. Come into our shop and ask for a “15 point inspection.” This inspection could take just a few minutes or hours to determine the cause, so be prepared to leave the instrument if necessary.

What to expect: A buzzing sound can be caused by something loose on the surface or on the accessories on the instrument, and normally can be fixed quite easily. The price can range any where from $3-$150. If the buzz is coming from the inside of the instrument, and requires the top to be removed, this process can cost much more. The initial cost to remove the top of a violin is $250, and a cello is $400-900. Then to repair the problem can usually cost anywhere from $10 to $450 extra.

Problem: “Quiet” or “Sounds Bad”

If your instrument is too quiet or has poor quality of sound. There could be several reasons:

  1. The bow needs to be rehaired, and it normally costs $45 for violin and viola, $55 for cello, and $65 for bass to fix that.
  2. The strings may be worn. After 3-6 months of playing every day, they need to be replaced.
  3. The bridge may not be placed properly. Bring it in, and it may just need a little adjustment. If the bridge is warped, or of poor quality wood, we will cut and fit a new one. The bridge may be too short and a taller one needs to be installed to raise the strings off the neck.
  4. The strings may not be tuned, and we sell tuners.
  5. The soundpost may have shifted or is in the wrong place.
  6. Sometimes the quality of the bridge and sound post are very poor. A new high quality bridge and soundpost can improve and instrument a great deal.
  7. Your instrument may be made of plywood or be so improperly manufactured or repaired that you need a new one. Feel free to browse our fine selection for the instrument that is waiting just for you!
  8. The sound post may be too short.
  9. Other standard repairs to improve the quality of your instrument are listed below.

Problem: “Need Help!”

We are a full service violin shop. Here is a sampling of some of the repairs that we do: